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Lyrical: A mixture of ballet and jazz; often performed to slow to moderate tempo songs, but can be performed to very powerful songs. Lyrical is a type of dance that is performed to express the meaning of the song and focus in a lyrical dance is very important. Without strong focus the message trying to be conveyed will not be as clear to the audience.

Need songs? Here are some of my favorites: Hero-Mariah Carey

When You Believe-Prince of Egpyt soundtrack

It Can't Rain all the time-Jane Sibbery

Angel of Mine-Monica

Angel in Disguise-Brandy

Cry Little Sister-The Lost Boys soundtrack

Little Angel-Jimi Hendrix

Butterfly-Mariah Carey

Candle in the Wind-Elton John

SomeWhere, SomeDay-Jennifer Paige

Looking Through Your Eyes-LeAnn Rhimes