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What you need to know for pointe-

Buying you pointe shoes

Tying your pointe shoes


When to buy new pointe shoes

Buying your pointe shoes

When buying pointe shoes make sure you are at a creditable dance store and that the fitters know how to correctly fit pointe shoes. Every pair is slightly different, so always try on before you buy. If you are buying your first pair always make sure you have approval from your teacher. Before you sew your shoes, make sure they have been aprroved by your teacher.

Tying your pointe shoes!

Never wrap your ribbons above your ankles. Keep them close together around your ankle for support. Try and get out the wrinkles and bumps as best you can. You don't want anything major. Always tie the knot on the inside of your ankle, not at the back. It won't be putting pressure on your tendon this way.


There are several different types of padding-Foam, Lambswool, and Gel. I prefer gel, but it is a personal decision. Foam padding is usually lighter than gel and can be about the same as lambswool. Lambswoool is usually included in any pointe shoe purchase for free,a nd is the choice usually among beginners. Gel comes in many different forms and many different companies sell it.

When to buy new pointe shoes!

When you need to buy pointe shoes, you usually feel a loss of support for you foot. Often the shank is broken and doesn't support your foot. If you are not sure whether or not you need new pointe shoes always ask your teacher.